Primary Areas

The Fund\'s primary areas of expertise are: agriculture and food processing, metallurgy and additive manufacturing, and wood-based industrial sectors.

In the era of universal intellectualization of the world economy, Classics Fund is committed to supporting fast growing technology-intensive companies – and invests primarily into intellectual property assets located in Easter Europe, which such support is needed most, and where promising innovation is often overlooked and remains idle.

The Mission

Classics Fund

Classics Fund selects its partners and investment targets very carefully, after thoroughly evaluating the technology being developed, and after making the commitment, it focuses unwaveringly on helping to protect the promising inventions by way of world-wide registrations of patents, trademarks, copyrights and such – while providing full ongoing legal support for inventions and trademarks. Additionally, Classics Fund is dedicated to helping develop and protect the brand being developed by its partners.

Investment Strategy

Classics Fund